BLACKED Business Blonde Anikka Albrite Ass Fucked By a BBC

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Anikka Albrite;Prince Yahshua


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Anikka Albrite and Prince Yahshua

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38 Replies to “BLACKED Business Blonde Anikka Albrite Ass Fucked By a BBC”

  1. micka.83 says:

    She's so hot, but that voice makes me want to choke her, and not in the sexy way. Stepdad, was fucking sexy though.

  2. csalerno1215 says:

    That was a bit strange. If the girl with the strap on was one of my lesbian friends I would want all the fake cum im my pussy and not on the drawers. It was slow to start but very enjoyable near the end.

  3. Jayton says:

    Im back because of my name lmfao

  4. Mariioo says:

    Thanks for the awesome comment, make sure to subscribe, I am going to make many more of these!

  5. NoahBertram says:

    Omg I need to find someone who will do this exact same thing to me! Pretty sure I would end up squirting just like that girl! So fucking hot!

  6. iceman2372 says:

    Very well done !! Can I be next ?

  7. freitsma says:

    "OH FIKE! OH FIKE!" - Dakota Skye

  8. letusc says:

    i love when a guy talks to me while im sucking his dik.c i love stuffing big dick into my mouth. i really want two cocks

  9. compasoft1204 says:

    Dude you are an A-1 Champ!!!

  10. eddyak says:

    That guy is SHIT HOT.

  11. g4pilut says:

    "If Peeing In Your Pants Is Cool Consider Me Miles Davis"

  12. Hrvati says:

    Johnny Castle is fantastic in this video---perfect body

  13. davecollett says:

    she honestly as the perfect body and tits! but she needs some work on her riding skills.....

  14. g4pilut says:

    hot as hell!

  15. chinalace says:

    Russian girls love this and she got nice feet too

  16. mairead41 says:

    That is too much dick for one girl. I bet she could not walk after that one.

  17. giridhar says:

    If ur reading this, hit me on kik brittanyed12. I'm bored. Lol

  18. joe800 says:

    Anyone have a link to the fv?

  19. tyler-chappell5 says:

    that was a good cumshot

  20. yuppers says:

    Dude I think I'm in love with your woman.... Scratch that. I KNOW I am!!!

  21. Ruidoso says:

    Haha okey )

  22. Desiice says:


  23. irrisorie says:

    When I was ALONE with my STEP MOM I had to FUCK HER, so I DID and now WE LIVE TOGETHER in PHX

  24. Seki says:

    See, k**s. THIS is why you need to put a lock on your phone and do your chores. So your dad doesn't bang your girl.

  25. Elaine says:

    Whos watching this on there bed

  26. s197oo302 says:

    sooo sexy!!!

  27. Jagla says:

    wow ja ich kann das auch gut vertragen. Ich liebe geile Schwanze

  28. barbara_brahams says:

    seriously? that's what got your attention?

  29. shirmanoel1 says:

    Beautiful tits

  30. sajustne says:

    4:57 that titty just slips right back in

  31. poengrafficane says:

    This is just fucking funny

  32. SkypeFan1 says:

    Bravo. Especially hot since my most recent trip to Ikea wasn't nearly as amusing

  33. ratfish123 says:

    i can't get enough of this vid

  34. MarwaD says:

    First 10 seconds of video: "You look FINE. Anymore make-up and you'd look ridiculous. But do you want to put on a little powder, though?"

  35. lucieliu says:

    I would olve to trade places with her... Stretched by huge cock...

  36. Pikachuuu says:

    It's very simple.

  37. camilobloodstar says:

    Fantastic video. Thanks for posting

  38. nysjcope says:

    Well if she wants to call herself that she can IMO at least she's WAY hotter than that skanky blonde Mallory Knoxx AND her ratings are higher here too!!

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