Big Bouncy Bosoms 2 - Scene 2

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Lucy Love


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Lucy Love

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27 Replies to “Big Bouncy Bosoms 2 - Scene 2”

  1. Cervin says:

    should have shown the cum like the one @ 11 min

  2. skemmite says:

    I don't usually watch straight porn but when I do it's Blacked videos. They're always filled with the most beautiful brothers with magnificent cocks and they're portrayed respectfully, not like thugs. And the ladies are treated so respectfully as well. Always beautifully done.

  3. Kevin123456789 says:

    Looked like so much fun and the socks! lol

  4. nawree says:

    This video is amazing Kitty, Your determination to try and get it all in is fantastic. My advice... More lube (a lot more in fact, trying anal with such a wide toy needs a lot of lube), position the dildo lower (so you have crouch further, It will make it easier to slide in). But I would love to see more anal videos if you feel like you can do it x

  5. Hatzenturm35 says:

    Mmmhhh good squirt wow

  6. johniassault says:

    hot hot hot.

  7. balsam1 says:

    the blonde is amazin i like the brunette too amazing tits lucky fuckin guy

  8. saishasta says:

    OMFG she is a star.....

  9. sandraxie1020 says:

    You see a broad that looks like that walking on the beach you'd never think she'd be sucking and fucking random dick like that.. she has a real world sex appeal to her, not porn star appeal.

  10. mrkeishii says:

    where u from emma?

  11. g4pilut says:

    What a special girl x

  12. Turkey says:

    two words: money talks

  13. hedgesew says:

    i love to fuck her ass and face hard

  14. Nba says:

    You are the daughter of a people and a respectable family. ??? ???? ??? ????? ????? ???? ?????? ??

  15. Eminencex says:

    Big strong man right there can hold me down please lol

  16. CarleeSlovarp says:

    How do I report this for nudity?

  17. K1tteh says:

    How does anyone give this less than 5 stars?

  18. scricciolo says:

    That woulda been great if there was a full video. Nice clip though!

  19. hinatrikha says:

    no cumshot, LAME!

  20. peterbward says:

    This lady perfectly demonstrates that you can be a really bad actress in porn.

  21. MChanchani says:

    What is the video at 3:28 ?

  22. furrets says:

    Bet her future husband will LOVE to see this video of her....!

  23. Fixumi says:


  24. LyraW says:

    And folks..... She's a keeper! That deep throat and that anal.... Damn

  25. deckebachster says:

    Chibbles... Really? They couldn't come up with a better name than Chibbles. Getting the occasional chuckle from porn is all well and good, but that is just too much. No matter how hot a girls voice is when she moans a name like Chibbles, there just isn't any conceivable way to take that seriously lol

  26. two2waltz says:

    listen to her moaning

  27. duggas says:

    Want a dick sucker like that you have to let your suck other dick...but trust me it's worth it...most men can't take would ever know my wife is a straight up dick sucker...but she is the shit

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